"I’ve been seeing Dr. Dawson for approximately five years.  I was looking for an alternative to the adjustments that I had been receiving to relieve neck and upper back pain, and a friend suggested Dr. Dawson.  In our first appointment Dr. Dawson saw that my head was tilted to one side, and after taking x-rays he confirmed his initial observation that I was a good candidate for NUCCA.  He said that to compensate for the pain in my neck that was caused by the head tilt, the muscles along my entire spine and in my right leg had tightened, to the extent that my spine was twisted in two places and I was experiencing pain in my knee as well as leg cramps. The adjustment was simple and painless, and it immediately provided significant relief to my whole spine and to my right leg.   Because those muscles relaxed so completely after the adjustment, I was able to walk without the familiar pains in my back, neck, and leg.  I’ve learned to read the symptoms in my body now, and I know when to check in with Dr. Dawson for another adjustment.  Working with Dr. Dawson has made such a positive difference in my quality of life!  Thank you."

- Leila Moore, Hampton NH

"My family has been going to Portsmouth Family Chiropractic (formerly Quest Spinal Health) since 2001.  We first sought chiropractic care for our son when he was 6 1/2 years old after trying many traditional and alternative therapies for a myriad of issues.  Our son had always had behavioral issues which became a much bigger problem when he began school.  He was often fidgety, irritable, had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and had a hard time focusing and completing tasks, particularly at school.  He had chronic ear infections that were so painful that he would bang his head on the wall or floor.  He could never sit still, and often he would turn upside down in his seat or hang off the side of the couch with his head dangling near the floor.  He cried multiple times every day for the first 6 1/2 years of his life.  

We had pursued so many avenues for help including neurologists and psychiatrists (which involved trying prescription medications that were very detrimental), counselors, naturopathic and homeopathic doctors, a non-NUCCA chiropractor, and so much more.  We were beginning to lose hope when my husband heard about NUCCA chiropractic through a client, and that’s how we ended up at Portsmouth Family Chiropractic.  

We brought our son in for his appointment one morning on a school day.  We had the new patient interview, x-rays and his first adjustment.  (After a thorough evaluation, we realized that it was very likely he had suffered a birth injury from a difficult forceps delivery.)  That same day we brought our son to school right after lunch, and we never mentioned where he had been that morning.  When I picked up my son from school later that afternoon, his teacher said, “What did you do to him?!”  She said that he had sat down that afternoon and, for the first time ever, completed all of his work.  His teacher said he was like a different person.  We started noticing other big changes.  He went nine days in a row without crying once.  He seemed much less fidgety and more relaxed, and he was more cooperative.  After several months, we also realized that he never had ear infections anymore.  He wasn't perfect, but his quality of life sure did improve dramatically!  

After witnessing my son’s huge progress, my husband, my daughter and I also became patients and have all experienced great benefits from NUCCA as well.  Many years have gone by, and the kids are all grown, but all four of us are still patients of Portsmouth Family Chiropractic.  We couldn’t imagine life without Dr. Dawson and NUCCA.  We are all much healthier, and we have had no need to go to another doctor or hospital except for broken bones or stitches!  We are always able to get an appointment when we need one, and we are always treated with great kindness and respect.  Dr. Dawson is kind, funny, very intelligent and extremely good at what he does.  We can never thank him enough for all that he has done for our family."    

-Judy Simpson,  New Durham, NH


"A 15-minute trip to Portsmouth Family Chiropractic is better than a day at the spa; and not just on your pocketbook, it’s much more effective as well!  Not only is Dr. Dawson incredible, he treats the problem, not the symptoms.  This is not your usual chiropractic visit.  Dr. Dawson treats from temple-to-toes as gently and thoroughly as possible.  My first visit began with a quick x-ray to deduce my problem areas.  Then Dr. Dawson patiently explained my problem areas in detail and the way in which he would treat each issue.  I can honestly say my back – and my whole body! – truly feel like a whole new me. I’m able to stand straighter, sleep better, and most importantly, have a life without back and neck pain.  Portsmouth Family Chiropractic gets five stars from me; do yourself a favor, go in for a consultation.  You will absolutely be back.  Thank you Dr. Dawson for everything you’ve done for me!"  


“ I came to Dr. Dawson with longstanding chronic neck and low back pain.  After trying many other types of chiropractic care without consistent results, Dr. Dawson’s Upper Cervical Approach now has me pain free and off all medications.  As a voice instructor and professional singer it’s essential for me to maintain spinal and upper cervical alignment. Dr. Dawson’s expertise and close eye on my skeletal system is a primary part to my well- being.  I sleep better, sing better, exercise better and feel better than I ever believed possible!”

"Our experiences with Dr. Dawson at Portsmouth Family Chiropractic have been extremely positive.  Dr. Dawson is very caring and responsive to his patients needs.  My husband began seeing Dr. Dawson after being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.  Having many Lyme related joint issues and severe back pain, Dr. Dawson has been a key provider in helping him tackle all the issues related to Lyme Disease. 

 Additionally, Dr. Dawson’s treatments on my husband's ankle fixed an issue that 7+ doctor opinions and two unsuccessful surgeries couldn’t help.  The next step would have been complete reconstructive surgery.  To this day, the ankle pain is gone!!  

My young daughter started seeing Dr. Dawson after being referred to an ENT due to reoccurring ear infections.  The ENT decided that our next step would be having tubes in her ears.  Thankfully, Dr. Dawson was available to see her before we had the tubes placed.  I can honestly say that 2 days after we saw Dr. Dawson we had dramatic results.  My daughter was talking quieter and not asking for others to speak louder.  Even the radio could be heard at a normal sound level.  This non-invasive treatment from Dr. Dawson worked!!  We returned to the ENT and even he said that tubes were no longer needed.  We are very grateful for Dr. Dawson.  He is very educated, caring and truly cares about our family.  We are so lucky to have found him!"  

-J. Baker

"I highly recommend Chris and the NUCCA procedures. I wouldn't be where I am physically without it. The top neurosurgeon in Boston told me that there was no cure for the head trauma I suffered as a gymnast. I was told that I would have pain for life and be on drugs for the rest of my life. That is not the case and I am so grateful to have Dr. Chris in my life supporting my physical body and allowing me to live a normal life!!"

-Ginger Bisplinghoff, RN, BS 

"Dr. Dawson has been managing my neck and back problems for the past eight years, and thank God I found him!  He has always been able to resolve my issues and is always readily available for treatment.  On one occasion (a Saturday no less), I had a severe torticollis and couldn't even turn my head to the left.  He got me in immediately and by that afternoon all was good.  Initially, I was not even aware of NUCCA chiropractic, but what a difference compared to the traditional methods.  I no longer dread trips to the chiropractor and my back and neck are better than ever.  The office staff and Dr. Dawson genuinely care about their patients.  I can recommend him without reservation.  This office offers service and results that far exceed the usual chiropractic expectations."

- C. Wesley Bean, MD Plastic Surgery Specialists Wentworth Healthcare Partners

"My 11 year old son, Seth, has suffered from epilepsy since he was 14 months old. He is a patient at Boston Children’s Hospital and Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire. Despite countless treatment attempts over the years including medication trials, brain surgery, the ketogenic diet, and a vegus nerve stimulator implant, we have never been able to get Seth’s seizures under control, or even see a significant improvement.  

This changed several months ago when Seth began treatment with  Dr. Dawson at Portsmouth Family Chiropractic.

It all began when a friend from NY suggested we try upper cervical chiropractic because he had seen it do wonders for his wife’s neurological issues.  At that point, I felt I had nothing to lose. I contacted Dr. Dawson and was immediately impressed with his desire to help, and his confidence that his treatment could make a positive difference for Seth.  

At our first appointment, Dr. Dawson examined Seth and found him to be severely in need of an adjustment.  Following the adjustment, I saw an immediate reduction in the frequency of Seth’s seizures. Not only had the seizures decreased, the school staff couldn’t believe the difference they were seeing in Seth’s mood, level of engagement, and increased language.  Many of these teachers were not aware of the treatments Seth had been getting.  I was almost afraid to admit to myself that it seemed to be working because it was such a quick treatment with immediate, noticeable results.  It seemed too good to be true after all we had been through!  

We continued to see Dr. Dawson for weekly adjustments for a few weeks and then began spacing them out further as Seth began to hold his adjustment longer.  We were recently able to go 8 weeks between adjustments!  I hope that anyone who suffers from uncontrolled seizures will try upper cervical treatments with Dr. Dawson.  It is truly the best thing I have done for Seth.  I am so thankful to Dr. Dawson for the relief he has been able to bring my son." 

- Joy Buzzell, Londonderry, NH

"I had been seeing a general chiropractor for the last 7 years or so and while I had experienced improvements in mobility and a decrease in pain in my body, I felt tethered to this type of care. In addition, it required me to go in for visits multiple times per week with no overall resolution or real end in sight with my physical challenges. As a busy work from home mom and new entrepreneur, spending that time going to and from the chiropractor's office multiple times per week was actually turning in to an expense we were ready to remove from our budget.

When I learned about NUCCA and the philosophy behind the practice, I was elated to give it a try, specifically because of the prognosis and mission to promote long-term healing. I was especially excited about Dr. Dawson's goal of not only supporting his patients in feeling better physically, but in his mission to help us experience life in a more conscious and aware state. As a writer, coach and creative, it is so important to me to be performing at an optimal state in order to evolve and transcend within my very human experience of life. 

In just 2 adjustments, I am sleeping better, feeling more energized and less anxious than ever before. I feel aligned mentally and physically and have been performing at a higher level of productivity, while maintaining an important and new level of balance as a work from home mom. I am so grateful to be under Dr. Dawson's care in this way and to have my whole family now under his care as well. I can't think of anything more important than optimal spinal health in order to live the fulfilled and active lifestyle that we do.  Thank you!!"

- Amber Lilyestrom, Lee, NH