New Patient Experience

At Portsmouth Family Chiropractic, the way you feel when you walk in the door matters to us.

During each appointment, we not only evaluate your alignment and your spine, but will also discuss your lifestyle and any old or recent trauma that may be contributing to discomfort you are experiencing.

New patient appointments are 90 minutes in length. Dr. Dawson will complete a thorough history overview and a chiropractic exam. He will then complete your first round of x-rays to identify, specifically, the significance of your atlas subluxation complex and brain stem irritation. 

After analyzing the x-rays, Dr. Dawson will discuss the findings with you and will demonstrate how he is going to fix it.

And then he will fix it. 

He will use the atlas vertebra (see photo) as a lever to gently restore spinal alignment.  There is no twisting or cracking of the neck and the procedure is barely felt by the patient. 

Dr. Dawson will complete post-adjustment x-rays at the initial visit in order to remeasure in the exact same way to illustrate the difference and to provide an opportunity for him to make any necessary changes to maximize your spinal correction. 

You will then come back in 4 or 5 days to evaluate whether or not your adjustment held. On average, half of our patients hold and half need to be readjusted.

Every patient's protocol is based on his/her needs, however, on average, weekly visits are the norm for the first few weeks of your care. Future visits are no longer than 15 minutes.

The goal is to get your adjustment to hold on its own in between appointments in order to lengthen the time between sessions and to allow your body to reach its full potential.

We treat people of all ages (infancy onward), however we will not take x-rays on children until they are capable of sitting still (typically around 5 years old).

*Please note, we will x-ray again if a new trauma occurs (i.e. car accident, fall, etc.)

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Payment Information

We are not providers of any health insurance at PFC, however we do provide insurance ready receipts for patients to submit to their health insurance provider to receive reimbursement on their own.

New Patient first visit rate is the $425, which includes 2 sets of x-rays, the initial adjustment and an adjustment (if needed) at your follow-up appointment 4-5 days later.  The child new patient fee is $385.

Future appointment rates are, as follows:

$60 for adults/$50 for seniors (65+)/$45 for kids (children ages 5 to high school graduates) / $25 for kids under 5

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