Hello and Welcome to Portsmouth Family Chiropractic
from our family to yours.

We feel truly blessed to be doing this work. So many lives have been profoundly changed from receiving NUCCA care, including our own.

One of our sons had seizures at the age of 2 after he fell from a jungle gym platform. The neurologist told us he would have to take seizure medication  for the "foreseeable future".  After receiving NUCCA treatment, he not only did not have to take any of the meds, he has never had another seizure.

I feel a great responsibility toward my patients.  It was never more real than when I had a patient tell me that after daily migraines for 20 years she was going to end her life if I didn’t help her.   

NUCCA was the answer for her.

Many of our patients have broken into tears after finally experiencing life pain free.  And these weren’t only tears of relief, but of disbelief and frustration that after spending so much time and money, trying so many different therapies, drugs, and treatments, that this simple procedure was the answer.

I can’t pretend that NUCCA is the answer for everyone, but for many it ended up being the only answer they needed.

NUCCA is something different.  

NUCCA corrects the cause of pain and dysfunction.  Many of our patients seek our help as a last resort, simply because they have never heard of this type of chiropractic treatment.

If you are ready to stop treating symptoms and fix the cause, then you are ready for NUCCA.

We look forward to helping you and your family,

All our best,

Dr. Chris & Kelly Dawson

Dr. Dawson's Professional Bio:

Dr. Dawson’s story begins with his mother, who was diagnosed with rapidly progressive systemic sclerosis.  Her doctors could do nothing but give high levels of steroids to “keep her comfortable.”  They only expected her to live another 6 months.  A friend at church suggested that she see Dr. Gregory, who developed the NUCCA procedure.  Dr. Dawson’s parents went as a last resort.  It took a long time, but his mother’s symptoms gradually improved and she is alive to this day.  

It was because of her wonderful response to NUCCA chiropractic care that Dr. Dawson’s father moved the family to California and entered chiropractic college in Los Angeles.  This family story understandably made a huge impression on the young Christopher Dawson.  He decided to spend his lifetime giving back through chiropractic service by providing NUCCA care to as many people as possible, just like his father.

Dr. Dawson graduated from Life Chiropractic College-West in 1993 as the class valedictorian and was awarded the Clinical Competency Award.  He is a member of Pi Tau Delta, an international chiropractic honors society, a member of NUCCA, a member of the International Chiropractic Association, and a founding member of Delta Sigma Chi Nu chapter, an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting chiropractic.